We are Pilots from around the world looking to have fun flying with friends. We have daily Hops, Virtual Airlines, Group Flights, Flight Training and ATC sessions hosted by our members and staff.

This is a hobby we do for fun. We do not accept donations or post advertisements. Your participation within our community is all we need to enjoy our hobby together. There is no cost, dues or restrictions affiliated with being part of FsFlyboys Community.

We have been supporting On-Line flight simulation since the early days of FS2002. Over the years we have expanded our Hobby to cover most versions of Microsoft, X-Plane, PrePar3d, Steam FSE and now FSW.

We Welcome ALL mature pilots and THANK YOU for stopping by. Have a GREAT Flight!

FSX Box, Steam, P3D and X-Plane pilots fly with us using  JoinFS Client
Talk to us with Discord Contact us:  fsflyboys@gmail.com

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